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    “I fall in love with myself, and I want someone to share it with me.  I want someone to share me with me.”

I saw a clip from Ms. Kitt’s 1982, All By Myself, bio-documentary a couple of years ago with my sister.  And since then, I had totally forgotten about it.  It was not until recently that I went onto Tumblr and saw some of the quotes from this clip being re-posted that I instinctively remembered it.  Quotes that related to Eartha’s views on being in love and sharing your love in a relationship.  And I find every one of her replies that she rebuttals back to the interviewer concerning this topic to be very mysterious, yet consciously penetrating, because I understand where she is coming from.

For years, I always thought that love was more about compromising some of yourself and sacrificing old habits…

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Secret Garden Dress

Secret Garden Dress

This month’s paperwhimsy inspire blog piece is a Secret Garden Party Dress. To read how I made this visit HERE. You can find if for sale on Etsy HERE. If you’d like to make your own pannier dress form, it is available at paperwhimsy.com HERE

Secret Garden Dress

Secret Garden Dress

Secret Garden Dress

Secret Garden Dress Back View

Secret Garden Dress Detail

Secret Garden Dress Detail

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Given that it’s a new week, I thought I would share with you my warm up exercise from yesterday. Your finished image does not have to look exactly like mine….this is just a guide…and remember, PLAY is key to any warm up. 

I worked over the top of a quarter sheet of watercolour paper with an old sketch on it, plus a ground of cadmium orange.  

Warm up exercises are a great way to use up old sketches/paper.    You will find that your work will probably be much more spontaneous….because you will be freed up from the fear of spoiling a new piece of paper!


I was thinking about Wales this week, and so using a mix of paint which happened to be on my palette, in this case, Dioxazine Violet, Burnet Sienna, and Raw Umber Violet,  I indicate the mountains in background and hills in foreground. 

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leonardo-vitruvian-man-bLeonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was the quintessential Renaissance man. Leonardo’s life was a testament to human creativity. Over six decades, Leonardo showcased gifts as a painter, sculptor, scientist, anatomist, architect, engineer, inventor, botanist, and musician. What is remarkable about his contributions is their consistent brilliance. Leonardo’s paintings, including the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, are touchstones for the history of Western art. In his sketchbooks and journals, Leonardo developed a new visual language for representing bodies and surfaces, which fed into his painting and gave his figures an unprecedented realism. Leonardo’s studies of the natural world made a decisive contribution to the embryonic sciences of anatomy, hydrodynamics and physics. His architectural and engineering designs included bridges, irrigation projects, villas and cathedrals. His notebooks brim over with fantastic inventions, including diving equipment, armoured cars, flying machines, musical instruments and more.

As a cultural figure, Leonardo da Vinci sets a…

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Relja Penezic1

Los Angeles-based Relja Penezic’s mixed media works utilize a variety of techniques: collage, assemblage, digital compositing and color correction, photography, oil and watercolor painting, video stills . . . whatever it takes to construct an image. 

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At this time of year (at least in the north, where I live) Sherrie Hunt’s digital photo collages are reminders of oncoming spring. The Virginia-based artist, photographer and video and animation producer is inspired by nature.

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gosia1These arresting illustrations are from Wroclaw-based Gosia Herba, sought after by a variety of Polish magazines. Her bold style, imaginative content and glorious colours warrant a closer look at her entire website, here.

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