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Mother nature, or daughter nature, whatever…. – Drawn by Diala Brisly

It takes a daunting—often deflating—process to confront the fact that you are excluded from the carefully minted social rubric designed for women. Even more difficult, however, is transforming this confrontation with exclusion from a source of self-abnegation and pathos into a ferment of rebellion. Its spark is our conviction that the standards determined for beauty and social recognition are inherently racist, sexist, and ableist. Only when we arrive at this critical juncture are we able to challenge those standards, re-shape our relationship with our bodies, and abandon the quest for recognition.

Yet we have largely internalized the corporate-set standards for beauty and femininity as universal truths, blaming ourselves for failing to fit into the strict molds prescribed by our communities.
Unfair as this may be, we accept that beauty and physical disability are mutually exclusive and that disabled women…

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طوني صغبيني


في شارع ضيّق في الضاحية الشرقية لبيروت، المشهد كلاسيكي جدًا. هنا تختلط الطوائف وتفترق. يجمعها الفقر، انقطاع الكهرباء، السيارات الهاربة من الميكانيك، جورج وسّوف، وهيفا وهبه… وتفرّقها صور الزعماء على شرفات المنازل.

رغم الطقس العاصف، تبدو حركة الشوارع كأنها عادية…  إلا أنها ليست عادية. إلا إن كنت تعتبر أن شعور المشي على حافة الموت الذي يعيشه السكان كل يوم هو أمر عادي. قرب الدكّان الصغير في الحيّ، يشكّل صوت النرد الملتحم بطاولة الزهر جزءاً غير منقطع من يوميات المسنّين. وعلى الجهة المقابلة، يتحوّل الحلّاق المحلّي عند كل مساء لمقرّ الشبّان العاطلين عن العمل.

المخاوف الأمنية من تفجير ما، هي محور الحديث الدائر لدى الحلّاق، حيث يتسمّر الشبّان أمام التلفاز الذي ينقل الشعائر الكربلائية مباشرة من العراق. في مشهد سريالي، يقاطع أحد الشبّان صوت الضجيج ويسأل كأنه يستفتي الحاضرين: هل تعلمون ما هي أمنيتي؟

كان الجواب البديهي من أحدهم هو أن أمنيته هي بالتأكيد الذهاب لزيارة المقامات…

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I’d recently purchased some gel pens at a warehouse store, and, in order to placate the pens’ desires to express themselves on some paper media, I set out upon drawing something new and random. I didn’t realize, however, that most of the pens have sparkling and metallic ink in them. I wasn’t seeking this kind of ink in the first place, but I just decided to roll with what I purchased and see what I could do with them.

This is the first drawing that I produced with those pens. You can’t really tell that the ink has sparkling and metallic qualities to it. I thought that the scanner would pick up these effects after scanning the drawing on to the computer. I’m not phased by this however. It’s basically the colors that I was after in purchasing the gel pens. After all, there are 100 pens included in the…

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This image is derived from The Sutured Chimeroplasty. I wanted to use a background I’d created using shredded paper from a paper shredder, a piece of paper with tire tracks on it I found out in the street, and some torn up magazine pictures, along with my newly created Microchimerism. So I scanned the collage of pieces of paper pasted together in order to use it as a background. Then I selected hollowed out portions of The Sutured Chimeroplasty and placed this template as a layer on top of the collage.

This process allowed for the collage to be seen through the spaces of where the hollowed out mosaic pieces were, hence enabling a more complex and layered appearance to the new image. There is a lot more to the image that I created these new effects in, but I found one particular area of that image interesting. So I…

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Trina Merry body paints people to blend with their surroudings. Her models have been photographed near famous landmarks around New York City, including the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, Central Park, the Guggenheim Museum and the iconic towers of downtown Manhattan.
“Bodypaint creates a special connection to a person that other visual art forms have trouble accomplishing; it’s a distinctly human experience.” Merry says she came up with the idea for the series after moving to New York from the San Francisco area this year.

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إعداد: هاني نعيم

مونتاج: شربل حرب

دولة داعش التي تقام اليوم على مساحات واسعة ما بين سوريا والعراق لا بد أنها أول ما تذكرنا به هو تلك السنين السوداء من تاريخ المنطقة في نهاية أربعينات القرن الماضي. فنشأة داعش تتشارك مع نشأة إسرائيل بأربعة عناصر جوهريّة تجعلهما ترجمتين لمشروع واحد. ما هي هذه العناصر الأربعة؟

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