Gretchen Saathoff

The phrase “artistic temperament” is used so often, I wonder whether we know what it means.

In this post, I want to explore various assumptions I’ve been thinking about all week.  My interpretation of the phrase as it relates to myself is somewhat different, I suspect.

When you hear someone say “artistic temperament,” do you picture a diva having a tantrum?  Treating everyone like scum?  Looking at the ceiling for inspiration during a performance?

There are plenty of people who act in annoying ways, and they’re not all artists.  There are also plenty of people who have the diva thing down, but have no talent.

Sometimes unreasonable behavior is an outward manifestation of insecurity, nerves, or fear.  (If I push you away, then you can’t get close enough not to like me.)

Recently I performed in the city concert series in Burlington, Iowa, where I grew up.  My best friend…

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