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Remember Iraq

Time magazine light box posted a group of pictures to “celebrate” 10 years since the American colonial forces started what they called “Operation Iraqi Freedom”, the pictures were great reminders of the work of empires, and how they destroys nations just to put their hands on the conquered nations resources.

One of the pictures was this old picture from January 18, 2005, I have seen it many times before, yet I never really knew the story behind it.

The picture was taken by Chris Hondros, an American photojournalist who covered conflict zones all over the world, to end his journey in Mesrata, Libya in April 20, 2011, where he was fatally wounded in a mortar attack by the Libyan government forces.

The caption of the picture above is an excerpt written by Chris Hondros himself. The writing was pulled from his laptop recovered after his death in Libya.


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