Art at Work: Taking Risks to Live You Dream (Beautiful Hello Blog)

I kind of feel like this is my motto right now.  Life can be exciting and terrifyingly adventurous – if you let it.  My husband and I are taking this concept pretty seriously.  We are in a bit of leap-of-faith these days with my growing business and my husbands job and training situation.  But that’s when things get exciting!  Taking risks gives you the chance to amaze yourself. 

There is always that crucial moment before you jump when things are crazy scary, and yet, you have to do it.  You just do.  It would be like killing a dream to not jump.  (please note, I do not have any sort of affinity for jumping off anything high than 2 feet….  but you’re smart, so you get the mental image.)

Step one, dream.  I mean really.  What do you want to do with your life?  What are your…

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