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In response to a growing realisation that neo-liberal capitalism is morally and literally bankrupt, Britain’s political leadership have attempted to provide visions of ethical capitalism for us to aspire to.  Today’s article explores the question  ‘Is there such a thing as ethical capitalism?’ and why it is being asked now.
What is Ethical?

Ethics is a form of philosophy which seeks to categorise, codify and champion concepts of right and wrong.  Not an easy task when what is considered right and wrong is almost, if not always, a matter of perception.

Some will seek to demonstrate the existence of an objective, universal morality with such arguments as ‘murder is a crime in almost every civilisation’. Yet, in most civilisations, soldiers are considered heroes.  Therefore in some cases, murder isn’t only not wrong, but right.  For other people, pacifism is absolute, taking a life is wrong in any…

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