(Hyperion/Voice, 2012)

No matter what cover I’m given, there will always be an initial period of panic because whatever my designers come up with will (of course!) not match the image I held in my mind for years and years. For Arcadia, I’d decided the cover would be an updated version of the frontispiece of Sir Thomas Moore’s Utopia: woodcut-like, but with a brick Arcadia House in the center and maybe a caravan in the place of the boat.


I loved the sly nod at copulation implied by the original, and thought it’d be both witty and beautiful. Alas, I have always offered my strong opinions to my editor, and my opinions have always been listened to in a polite manner, but they have always been ultimately ignored. I’m sure that’s for the best. I haven’t been trained in cover art, and cover designers do know what sells.

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