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Fathers Who Never Sleep (version 1)

Note: I just decided to rename this piece the title of this post: Fathers Who Never Sleep (version 1), instead of the awkward: Our Lord Who Art in the National Insecurity Agency (version 1).

I’ve been reading some about the mass psychology of fascism, and the conditions that create the necessary atmospheres, and, ultimately, the destructive leaders of fascism. It is the de-powered, and indoctrinated masses who are the driving forces behind fascist governments and leaders.

Unfortunately, America is taking the route of fascism considering all of the freedom killing laws that Washington is burying the United States Constitution with. We now have a multi-billion dollar spy agency–the National Security Agency–collecting all data it possibly can from EVERYONE in the whole world. The data that they collect is unlimited. From medical records to all online activity to video recordings of you wherever you go if there is a camera near…

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