Between My Mind And Me

Adult Pi Patel: So which story do you prefer? 
Writer: The one with the tiger. That’s the better story. 
Adult Pi Patel: Thank you. And so it goes with God.
Writer: [smiles] It’s an amazing story.


This part of the movie has intrigued many, while the rest have happened to just look past the meaning behind it. The film was well received as a visual spectacle, but little could people fish out the twist in the story which was expertly layered by director Ang Lee. This dialogue reigns as one of the best from any movie, in my book. Ang Lee has successfully created a close-to-masterpiece film from what seemed like a mountainous task.

Now, to the point. The story Pi tells the Japanese investigators is not fake, but is actually the real story. The phrase, “And so it goes with god” goes back as a…

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