Art of eVan


Hyperbole literally means an excessive throw in its root words. It looks like the exclamation mark is being thrown across the picture plane in this image I just created. It is part of the B series to my Wrecked Tangles (After the Crash) art project. My subconscious mind wanted to show you all a visual depiction of a hyperbole. A hyperbole is really an exaggeration, like when someone says “holy #%% #!,” or something like that. But a hyperbole is really more of an obvious exaggeration, assuming the listener has a sense of humor and isn’t too gullible.

The exclamation mark seems to be boomeranging across the picture plane, thus giving a visual description of overthrowing an exclamation. There is also the letter F embedded in between the various patterns and matrices giving the viewer’s subconscious mind something to ponder. Like, what does F refer to? Could it mean friend?…

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