Art of eVan


Meet Ida. I had been wanting to create some sort of monstrosity with a machine or device in combination with some human appendages and/or organs with an image. I just like the idea of creating new combinations of organic life, cybernetic life, and even immaterial life forms. I suppose this preference is associated with mosaicism, and chimerism. I hadn’t realized that the terms “mosaic” and “chimera” were related. And, furthermore, I had no idea that both of those terms have to do with biology. I thought that a chimera only referred to a beast from Greek mythology, and mosaics were from the Byzantine empire during the descent of the Roman empire. Mosaicism comes from the idea of cells and how cells on organisms create mosaic patterns. Chimerism obviously comes from the idea of combining multiple different animals and species into one beast. The mythological chimera is an example.

As you…

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