Art of eVan


This piece gives you a better idea of my creations in combining mosaicism, chimerism, and hybridization. It’s a chimera because there are three different source images composing this aggregation, hence creating a new “beast.” It’s a mosaic because of all the little bits and pieces of shapes formed into the composition you see here. It’s a hybrid because it is a combination of traditional media with digital media.

The text you see incorporated into the design is my own words obtained from a tweet I tweeted out on Twitter yesterday. It says “How do you just know relationship dynamics between people you’ve never met in your life? Do you have other senses than just 5 senses?”

It’s sort of a generic meditation, but, surprisingly enough, it still is relevant. People are still taught idiocy in school with respect to relationships, power, intuition, spirituality, and so forth. I see school as beneficial…

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