SHahla ROsa
Andre Breton

A poem composed in symphonics silkworms, generously, by Debra Tachibana.  This is a mix of Lee Ballentine, John Thomas Allen, and Allen Parmenter–a digital collage from the NSI.


Also, to accompany this music, a few poems–the first by Frank Stanford, who was once a member of the Chicago Surrealist Group.

Dead Orchard

Like seven birds sleeping on the plateau
Overlooking the shipwreck of love, mystery
Of the drunken visitors wandering off
With your wife, men who talk with a bad accent,

The condemned the abandoned, one day of silence,
Two days of silence, dreams shattered and protected,
The more the blossoms the more you suffer.
A guy came along on a horse
Shouting into a bullhorn that the turtles were coming
We said so what
He told us they’d eat the furniture
Drink the gas from the cars
Run up the phone bill and…

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