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2d2d4a0b12fdae4794c80dae84e568a1Listening To Psychopathic Externals, Is Hazardous To Your Health

21 Aug 2013 4 Comments

by theabilitytolove in Uncategorized Tags: abuse recovery., chronic illness, Narcissists, psychopaths, PTSD, sociopathic society, sociopaths

      I realized that I’ve had a hell of a lot of invalidation lately. Medically, emotionally, and with my disability claim, and others in my life.  What this does to me, combined with my pathological family dynamics and emphasis on wealth and success as a definition of self, which bleeds into my type A personality, is that I’ve integrated and internalized these beliefs and external voices of “you can, don’t say you can’t!” so much that I’m over compensating leading to decompensation, if that makes sense. I’m a very sick chica right now.

I realized I don’t have a problem validating me or my pain or my illnesses , even my PTSD. Other people…

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