Art of eVan

Poiesis de Calyces (version 1)

This version is a derivative of the Calyces series. Calyces is the plural form of calyx, and calyx means cup in Latin. Poiesis means a condition or state of creation. I learned of the word poiesis when I was learning some medical terminology extracted from the word hematopoiesis, which means the production of red blood cells from the marrow of bones.

There are simple shapes in this series that resemble cups, and it looks like an elaborate assembly line producing cups from a mythological manufacturing plant.

The original drawing was produced back in 2009 when I was working at Convergys. It was just black and white drawing, but I was able to to hyperbolize some color out of it through some digital filters after scanning it into the computer.

This image is made to be a print, and can easily be matted and framed. It’s a great image to have…

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