Art of eVan

Wrecked Tangles (After the Crash) version B8

A lot of different media went into the original drawing for this image. I manipulated the image further after scanning it into the computer. It doesn’t have as many mechanical diagrams integrated into it as I’ve done with some of the previous Wrecked Tangles series.

There really isn’t a profound meaning I was consciously trying to communicate here. I just like the shapes of letters and alphabetical symbols. I like the patterns that they create, and I take note of compositions found in magazines and newspapers.

I cut out pieces from magazines in order to integrate them into the imagery characterized by my Wrecked Tangles art project. It’s really an ad hoc adventure that is open ended, and I often stumble upon new designs in the process of manipulating the collaged drawings I create from traditional materials.

Some of you whom I’ve met before have given me some of those…

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