Art of eVan

Pastel Dust of Pollen and Lepidoptera (version 6)

Digital material from one of my original oil paintings, some of my mixed media pastel drawings, ball-point pen drawings, and some real butterfly wings went into the creation of this piece.

I used some of the scanned material from my Wrecked Tangles (Encircled) A series project as the background. Also, the design from Industrial Mandala was used. Again, Industrial Mandala is a digital manipulation from my original oil painting: Of Which I Am a Part.

I incorporated some text on Wikipedia’s definition of a butterfly in the background. You can make out a little bit of it, but my intention was to add some filler to the background design, and I thought a scientific description of the butterfly was fitting. Lepidoptera is the Latin term for butterfly.

The butterfly wings were actually some remains of a butterfly that one of our cats dragged in after stalking it in our backyard…

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