Art of eVan

The Socratic Tree (final painting)

This is the final painting I created of my Socratic Tree idea. I elaborated on much of this idea in the pastel drawing that preceded this painting. I made a couple sketches and drawings in preparation for this magnum opus.

It really is a magnum opus because it is the second biggest oil painting I’ve made thus far in my career as an artist. It’s 183 cm X 152.5 cm (or 72″ X 60″), so it is quite a large painting. It’s been in a couple of shows here in Albuquerque, so it has been seen. It just hasn’t been seen enough yet.

I completed The Socratic Tree back in 2003 right when the Bush administration was invading Iraq with the crafting of its lies about WMDs, and with the power of America’s desire to get revenge for the supposed attacks by terrorists on 9/11. I don’t want to get…

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