Art of eVan

Worked Organic Fire (version 7)

A hybrid vernissage…

This piece is titled “Worked Organic Fire” because I thought about how the bright colors of autumn leaves are mostly warm or hot colors. Colors such as yellow, orange and red are considered “warm” colors because of their associations with heat, fire, and the sun.

The warm colors in leaves, however, are organic, instead of emanating from basic, and elemental physical properties. So, hence the terms “organic” and “fire” in the title. Heat also can be used to perform work in so many different ways in our world simultaneously.

The fact that we are now at the end of Summer in this part of the world indicates the evidence that nature has been “worked” for the season, and is preparing to go into hibernation now.

I used some patterns from some Islamic mosaic designs in this piece, a picture of some autumn leaves, and nature pictures of…

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