Art of eVan



Repetition is a technique that is used often in the arts. Pop artists, such as Andy Warhol, used the repetition technique in his silk-screen paintings. It also indicates realities of continuation as demonstrated throughout nature.

Ketu is a demon in Vedic mythology, along with his brother Rahu. They both represent the North and South nodes of the moon. In my light research of Ketu, I have found images of him represented as headless, and has having a body being consumed by a fish. There are other images of Ketu in which the area where his head would be is surrounded by a sort of hood of snakes heads.

In this image, I saw this characterization of Ketu over off to the right side, and partially on the left side. I had repeated a certain selection from another image in this picture, and therefore put together, piece by piece, what…

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