Deborah J. Brasket, Writer

512px-Francesco_Hayez_008Recently I wrote about blogging as virtual “love-making,” riffing on the new science which defines love as a “micro-moment of positivity resonance.” 

But there’s more to it than that, it now appears.  According to an article in The Atlantic, The Selfish Meme – Twitter, dopamine, and the evolutionary advantages of talking about oneself” by Frank Rose:

“Researchers have previously shown that certain online activities—such as checking your e-mail or Twitter stream—stimulate the brain’s reward system. Like playing a slot machine, engaging in these activities sends the animal brain into a frenzy as it anticipates a possible reward: often nothing, but sometimes a small prize, and occasionally an enormous jackpot.”

Apparently this behavior of constant searching taps into a primal food-hunting drive and the reward we feel when the sought-after food is actually found—it’s matter of survival.

But even more interesting is the discovery that sharing information…

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