Art of eVan

A Synthesis of Matter and Mind (version 14)

I just completed this new piece for my Micro-Chimerism series. This is the fourteenth version of this particular design. There isn’t any significance to that number that I consciously intended. It’s just that it took quite a few stages of metamorphosis to get to this satisfying version.

It reminds me of a painting on a cave wall, or like a design a Native American might paint on an animal’s hide. When I was drawing the design, I thought of how Buddhism teaches what is called the Eightfold Path. The paths Buddhism describes are supposed to lead to enlightenment.

Some of the square shapes surrounding the main ring in the design remind me of hammers. And the four circles on the outside of the main ring remind me of gears. This piece leads me in my associations into an abstraction of work and labor in society. Everything works like clockwork, and…

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