Art of eVan

Hydrogen (version 1)

While in the process of preparing the different versions of A Synthesis of Matter and Mind, my eye was attracted to the idea of making one of the smaller circles into a work of its own. Luckily, with the software I have on my computer, I can do that.

So I selected this circle from the lower left hand corner of A Synthesis of Matter and Mind, flipped it around, and altered some of the colors so as to create more of the effects I wanted to bring out.

It’s another simple idea with some complexity added to it from the distortions, textures, and amorphous clouds of color. I’ve been attracted to an idea, as of late, that expresses non-physical vibrational fields, anchored to more physical, dense fields.

So the little black mosaic pieces composing the definite designs and compositions anchor the more amorphous and cloudy fields of color.


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