Art of eVan

The Structure of Passion (version 4)

I created this image back in April, 2013, but this variation of the series hasn’t been seen yet. The previous version you see in this album is version 2. I was playing around with flipping the image around so that the image would appear in the lower left quadrant of the picture plane, but I decided against doing that for now, as it would alter the series enough that it could be rendered as a new series. I didn’t want to make a new series, so I kept its situation as I had originally arrived at with it.

The obtaining of structures and engine diagrams off of the internet was involved in the process of making it. Engine power is merely symbolic of what many people understand as power. Organic powers, and psychic powers, on the other toenail, aren’t as readily understood as power.

Yet, at the essence of everything…

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