Pure Vision

The only way to have a sustainable future is to create it . . .

Imagine. Women around the world gathering together for a global celebration.

Teacher and performer, Ubaka Hill, Founder of the Million Women Drummers Gathering, did just that. At the drumming event held on Oct. 13, 2013 in New Paltz, NY, Ubaka began by addressing the audience:

“This is a vision and it’s an intiative . . . This is our time. This is our turn. This is our legacy.” Drummers were encouraged to be mindful of the origins of drums and other musical instruments and respect the trees which were used to make them.

Although everyone was invited, the fact that the event focused on women’s power made it all the more unique. Led by several female vocalists, participants welcomed the four directions, turning to the East, South, West and finally, the North. While looking…

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