Art of eVan

Always (a Wrecked Tangles 3D sculpture project)

Here is a picture of the the completed project of the Wrecked Tangle 3D Hyper-Cube. I officially titled it “Always.” It should be apparent that it is pointing in all six directions on a three dimensional axes, therefore it really is all ways. It’s also a symbolic expression of so-called zero-point energy interpenetrating all points in the universe. As I said in some tweets on Twitter when I first posted this work in February, 2012, this work has layers of text, graphics and pastel composed on each plane. This is to symbolically represent the lies, suppression, and illusions that the corporate/state owned media manufactures for the masses to digest and prevent critical thought about one’s surrounding commercialized environment.

Thank you all for your interest in this now finally completed project. Someone suggested making a three dimensional helicopter in this style, so you just might see that as an upcoming project…

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