Art of eVan

Purple Tide (version 1)

This image here is a fragment chosen from Ploidy the Diploid, which is another image in this album. As I often do when I get a chance, I pull out previous works I’ve done and see new things in them that intuitively look like they could be independent art works in themselves.

Creation has a tendency to morph and grow out of what came before, even when it seems completely unrelated. The subconscious mind is a lot less discriminative, and categorical in the sense of conscious classification systems. In fact, chief editors of newspapers and magazines know that the positioning of supposedly unrelated ads actually contribute to an article you may be reading. It actually gets digested in your subconscious mind as one interrelated kilobyte of information.

So this image here looks to me like an ocean wave under a purple and red sky. My fascination with alien planets makes…

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