Art of eVan

The Motherboard of Many Reflections (version 3)

I first thought of titling this one The Board of Many Reflections, but then at the last moment I saw the wit in titling it The Motherboard of Many Reflections.

The physical source from which this piece is derived was painted on wood with assemblages attached to it. I flipped around the word “many” you see in it several times in order to play some tricks with the eye.

Other than that, I don’t really have much more to say about this piece. I got quite involved in digitally reconstructing the source pieces composing it however.

I just feel that it’s like a sort of chess-board, yet, because it has been hybridized into an electronic manifestation, it had to take the route of being a motherboard. Mothers are the sources from which everyone springs in physical life during and after birth, so it has references to the female powers for…

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