Nasser Ovissi is an Iranian-born artist who currently resides in Virginia. He is a well-renowned artist whose work hangs on walls across the world, and had had many books published on his work. One of the central themes of his work are horses. Nasser believes horses are the ultimate symbol of beauty, elegance, and strength. He also belives horses have always helped man throughout time. He also features women in his work, and he explains that women are always companions.

By Maryam Ovissi:

Nasser Ovissi is one of Iran’s most renown and successful living contemporary artists. He is one of the few pre-Islamic Revolution artists who achieved success prior and after the revolution. 

 Ovissi began his career in the diplomatic world as a cultural attachee in Rome and Madrid for the Iranian Embassy.  During his stints as a diplomat, he worked hard to bridge the art world of Europe with…

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