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What's War Got To Do With It? (version 8)

While I just created this particular version of this drawing, the original was made back in 2008. It’s from a drawing done with graphite on paper. I scanned it into the computer back then, and made a few manipulations.

The title “What’s War Got To Do With It?” was inspired by a song Tina Turner made called What’s Love Got To Do With It? I wasn’t very geopolitically literate, even in 2008, so I really couldn’t express myself in words as to what goes on in geopolitical affairs, such as war for example.

The strokes and hatch-marks look like they are composed of gold. While gold has been a currency to park wealth at in history, it is not presently. In fact, the gold standard was un-hinged from the dollar in 1971 by president Nixon.

The centralized wealth of a nation and the geopolitical forces of war and defense are…

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