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Russian Information Agency Novosti
February 1, 2014

Europe Should Condemn Ukraine Riots – Russian Foreign Minister

A clash between protesters and police officers

A clash between protesters and police officers


MOSCOW: European politicians should condemn the seizure of government buildings by demonstrators in Ukraine, Russia’s foreign minister said Saturday.

“Why are there no voices condemning those who seize government buildings, attack the police and adopt racist and anti-Semitic slogans? Why do European leaders actually encourage such actions, when they would quickly move to punish them at home?” Sergei Lavrov said at the annual Munich Security Conference.

“What would be the reaction from the European Union, if members of the Russian government began to openly express support, including personal visits, to rioters in London, Paris or Hamburg?” he added.

In a statement Monday the EU delegation to Ukraine called on the opposition to “dissociate itself clearly from all those who make use of violence in pursuing their aims.”

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