Art of eVan

Remarkable (version 1)

I just was not satisfied with any of the images within this series, so I pulled up the original scanned drawing for the After the Crash A series and went to work on rearranging parts of it around into something I felt was more tolerable.

I actually incorporated some signage from world war two Europe in a layer underneath main layer. The main layer is most of what you see here, but you’ll also catch some words from signs here and there as they show through some of the small deleted spaces.

Some of these creations are reminiscent of cubism somewhat, but they are not cubist artworks. The fact that I’m using the rectangular shape as a motif throughout these series, however, can remind a viewer of cubism.

It’s really more of an interdimensional quality that I’m trying to give expression to, as the semi-hidden words and items show through…

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