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Charlie Chaplin 1889–1977

“A comedy with a smile–and perhaps a tear”

Charlie Chaplin and Jackie Coogan in The Kid 1921Charlie Chaplin and Jackie Coogan in The Kid 1921

This iconic image from Charlie Chaplin’s 1921 film, The Kid,  in which he starred as the Tramp with  Jackie Coogan as The Child and Edna Purviance as The Woman, is now available at First Night Vintage on greeting cards, postcards, posters and wrapped canvas.  Chaplin had written The Kid with Coogan in mind after seeing the child actor perform.

While checking the date of the film on the Internet Movie Database, I was touched to read about the reunion between Chaplin and Coogan in 1972. Chaplin had returned to the United States for the first time in twenty years to pick up the Handel Medallion award in New York and a Lifetime Achievement Oscar in Hollywood.

To set the scene for this reunion, it should be said that the reason…

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