Art of eVan

After the Crash (version E1)

The original drawing, for which almost all of which you see here, did not have the letter E in it. At first I thought that this would be the D series to my After the Crash, Wrecked Tangles, art project. But lo and behold! I logged on to Facebook and found that I’d already created a D series.

This indicates that I’ve put this project off for too long. I haven’t forgot about it though. I’ve been dreaming of completing it before the end of 2015, for which a projected crash in the dollar’s value is estimated by some economists.

So in order to give you the idea that this series is associated with the character E as a value, I decided to embed a digital E on top of the scanned drawing. I attempted to naturalize it as best I could after flipping it around to a backwards representation.

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