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Portrait study of J.  Pastel      11″x16″

I haven’t posted very much pastel work on this blog.  I do however, occasionally work in soft pastel.   Unison pastels are my go- to chalks.  They glide and blend like butter.  Mi- Tientes paper supports these pastels nicely. I find that working in this medium can be a lot of fun.  The downside is keeping the pigment where it’s supposed to stay.   Fixative is the only way I know of making that happen.  But, I really don’t like using fixative.  It muddies and darkens color, and even when sprayed outdoors, is hazardous to breathe.  So, I only use workable fix to reclaim traction when my paper becomes so heavy with pastel that I can’t effect any more coverage.   I don’t fix finished work,but instead request extra care from the framer when matting and framing.

Does anyone out there know of  a magical alternative to fixative?

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