Art of eVan

Plenipotent Firebrand (version 4)

There are five different sources from which this image is derived. Two of those sources are my own hand drawn images, and the three others were images obtained from the internet. One of them is an image of vessels taken from a fluoroscopy, another one is a circular fiduciary marker, and the one you can see in the foreground–the blue and teal colored form–is actually a picture of the fire tornado that was recently seen in the California fires this year (2014).

I’d been considering how imprinting works in many different domains, physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. One comparison I’d recently read about is the type-writer ball. A type ball has the letters or characters of an alphabet on it, and spins accordingly to the correct character when a key is punched on the keyboard. That’s how typewriters from the 20th century were.

In many ways, people are like type…

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