My Life as an Artist (2)

Given that it’s a new week, I thought I would share with you my warm up exercise from yesterday. Your finished image does not have to look exactly like mine….this is just a guide…and remember, PLAY is key to any warm up. 

I worked over the top of a quarter sheet of watercolour paper with an old sketch on it, plus a ground of cadmium orange.  

Warm up exercises are a great way to use up old sketches/paper.    You will find that your work will probably be much more spontaneous….because you will be freed up from the fear of spoiling a new piece of paper!


I was thinking about Wales this week, and so using a mix of paint which happened to be on my palette, in this case, Dioxazine Violet, Burnet Sienna, and Raw Umber Violet,  I indicate the mountains in background and hills in foreground. 

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