Sapphires & Sisters

    “I fall in love with myself, and I want someone to share it with me.  I want someone to share me with me.”

I saw a clip from Ms. Kitt’s 1982, All By Myself, bio-documentary a couple of years ago with my sister.  And since then, I had totally forgotten about it.  It was not until recently that I went onto Tumblr and saw some of the quotes from this clip being re-posted that I instinctively remembered it.  Quotes that related to Eartha’s views on being in love and sharing your love in a relationship.  And I find every one of her replies that she rebuttals back to the interviewer concerning this topic to be very mysterious, yet consciously penetrating, because I understand where she is coming from.

For years, I always thought that love was more about compromising some of yourself and sacrificing old habits…

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