Transition Consciousness

This dialogue with Lourenço, exploring conscious innovation, follows on from a recent guest article by him – Less Mind, More Heart. Lourenço is the co-founder of Mandalah, a Brazilian innovation consultancy with offices in Brazil, Mexico, USA, Germany and Japan, focused on helping organizations bridge profit with purpose. In 2012, Lourenço was included in Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business.

Credit: Mandalah Credit: Mandalah

Lourenço: It’s hard to imagine, but as recently as 20 years ago, systemic approaches to sustainability were all but unheard of, and the idea had barely surfaced in the corporate world. Only two decades later, both citizens and businesses are actively involved in trying to build—or rather, rebuild—a more sustainable world.

Simon: Absolutely. If I look at my own experience in the mobile phone industry, there was simply no talk about sustainability in the 90s. But now not only do we have companies like…

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