Art of eVan


This image is derived from The Sutured Chimeroplasty. I wanted to use a background I’d created using shredded paper from a paper shredder, a piece of paper with tire tracks on it I found out in the street, and some torn up magazine pictures, along with my newly created Microchimerism. So I scanned the collage of pieces of paper pasted together in order to use it as a background. Then I selected hollowed out portions of The Sutured Chimeroplasty and placed this template as a layer on top of the collage.

This process allowed for the collage to be seen through the spaces of where the hollowed out mosaic pieces were, hence enabling a more complex and layered appearance to the new image. There is a lot more to the image that I created these new effects in, but I found one particular area of that image interesting. So I…

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