Global Political Analysis

The citizens of all indebted countries should reject Austerity and odious Public Debts

Summary of the reasons for above:

1) All public debts that have been accumulated on behalf of respective countries’ citizenry without their knowledge and/or consent, are odious debts, that is, they are of illegal origin [1, 2]

2) The way Loans are issued in extant global monetary system – including theLoans given to Governments – is illegal as well; the “creditors” who make Loans do so by merely entering empty computer digits on bank servers. [3, 4, 5, 6]

3) The genocidal neoliberal policy attached with Government Loans as an imposed package-deal requirement: Privatisations, Cuts and Austerity – as proven by both theory [7] and practice [8, 9] – worsens the Crisis and includes massive-scale transfer of public property into private hands. All these are illegal acts with effects equivalent with those of overt forms of genocide…

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