Random Shelling قصف عشوائي

Published in teleSUR


When the media obscures Israel’s crimes as an occupier or equates its brutality with Palestinian resistance it does not constitute objective coverage.

On Oct. 3, dozens of Jewish settlers raided the Palestinian village of Burin southwest of Nablus in the occupied northern West Bank. Some were armed with guns and other carried rocks and firebombs as they marauded through the village, chanting racist slurs against Palestinians and calling for revenge.

Backed by the Israeli occupation army, settlers set fire to dozens of olive trees belonging to Burin villagers shortly before the start the olive harvest season, the most important time of the year for many of the villagers. Meanwhile, Israeli occupation forces fired stun grenades and tear gas canisters on the villagers as they provided cover for the settlers.

Saturday’s attack was the second in three days that Burin had faced. The previous attack on Thursday also…

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