Life of Denisa

Anca’s collection of poems and short stories (divided in three parts: The Birds, The Beasts and The Spirits) catches your attention from its first lines. And you feel the author’s presence and you can see how all her characters (mainly mythological creatures) come alive. It’s like she’s right there talking to you, sharing with you her vast knowledge and her beautiful imagination. For Anca has a rich phantasy and her writing, inspired by mythology (Greek, Scandinavian, Indian, Babylonian and so on) and hinting permanently to different cultural events, is vivid, full of life and hope and love and, in my opinion, illustrates one’s process of awakening and maturation in general. The reader can find him/herself in Anca’s writing and that’s what makes Hidden Animals so catchy and fascinating.

Magic is present everywhere in the poems and in the short stories, along with the mystical presence of beautiful women and men. The characters, like…

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